15-Jan-2019St. Catharines, ON+13 milesItems Wanted
Does anyone have a Winnie the Pooh Cake Pan in good condition? I need one quickly.
10-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a great deal on a used RV. Can do cash, and trade my 2007 Dodge Caravan for an RV that will get me and my feline across country. I'm a senior. We live near Buffalo NY. Thanks!
14-Jan-2019St. Catharines, ON+13 milesItems Wanted
Am looking for circular slide trays that hold 80picture slides for showing on a Kodak Carousel .Projector. PRojector #520.0. Thank you
14-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Hello! I am looking for baby items. My daughter is due in a month and I am looking for baby items for my place. I am disabled and can t afford to much. She is having a girl. Really in need of a car seat that s the main thing
13-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
I have an elderly friend who is bedridden. I am looking for an adjustable rolling table like they have in hospitals.
13-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Elderly individual in need of picture books to help with boredom, especially quilting and birds
13-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Just bought my first house. Starting to pack and move bit by bit. Could use any packing/moving supplies you may have laying around
13-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Need 20 - 30 steel rebar of 6 foot lengths to use as stakes for tree planting project
9-Jan-2019St. Catharines, ON+13 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a coffee table to turn into a washing table for my Montessori classroom. I need something that s sturdy and low without drawers. Thanks!
6-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
I am hoping to find 1 or 2 speakers for a project. They need to be structurally sound but not necessarily working.
2-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Hello everyone I am a single mom of two. We just moved into our new house from east side area! I had no plans on moving but had to due to landlord selling property! Went to move and fridge went ! Got help from dss but have to wait for voucher to go through and need something to keep our food and juice cold! I appreciate it very much thanks
1-Jan-2019Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
My son's dad gave him an antique bed but no foundations...he really needs a bed, full size mattress & box springs. has no financial resources for new ones. He's trying to set up his own place. Thanks for helping.
31-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a radio with cassette and cd player
30-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Any size whiteboard. Preferably with some whiteboard markers.
29-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
Needing to get my car pass its inspection. I use it to travel to my drs appts at the Buffalo VA and visit my daughters and granddaughters. Any tire(s) in this size would be wonderful. THanks for reading.
29-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+18 milesItems Wanted
I am very low on money. just got a desktop pc. and I love to play match 3 and hidden object games, but spent all money on pc. anybody got any hidden object and or match 3 pc games you want to get rid of? send to Arlethia Barber 769 Best street #106 Buffalo,New York 14211 or contact me at barberarlethia@gmail.com thanx Arlethia
26-Dec-2018Port Colborne, ON+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking to trade my Autel X Star Premium for a short course truck. There is only 3 20min flights on this drone. It has 4k camera and is in mint condition. Looking for a Slash 4x4 in mint condiiton RTR or a Losi or Team Associated truck.